Art Chairs

Art Chairs

Classic Heroes are thrilled to be appointed exclusive dealer for the UK and English speaking countries for the fantastic range of Art Egg and Ball Chairs by Le Mans based Racing and Emotion Design.

Racing and Emotion Design was founded by renowned French designers Jannarelly and Fraylon. Jannarelly and Fraylon wanted to design a product that allowed enthusiasts to express their love of beautiful cars in their homes or offices.The ball and egg chairs are available in a range of legendary racing car liveries. A homage to an era when Racing met Art. Gulf, JPS, Martini, BASF, to name but a few. Any iconic livery can be replicated to your specification, even that of your own car.

Each chair rotates through 360°, the egg tilts too, and is hand made from composites and stainless steel in the Racing and Emotion workshop situated in Le Mans. Le Mans is not only known for the famous 24 hour race, but also for automotive painters who have the best skills and knowledge of bespoke car paint and finishing techniques. Each chair is painted by hand with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest automotive paint. The finishing process includes several layers of high gloss lacquer which is hand rubbed, thus producing a superb depth of colour. Even the latest matte finishes are possible.

The interior facing of each chair can be finished to your taste, from authentic microfibre race upholstery to the finest full grain leather. Your colour choice in leather and stitching. In fact we like to think the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Available now Worldwide.

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